Our Services

General ship supplier Albatros Shipping provides a wide range of maritime services.


We offer a wide assortment of fresh, frozen and dry provisions. The understanding of the crew’s and passenger’s diversity on board is vital. This is why we stock goods from diverse origins such as Asia, Europe, and USA, while remaining fully compliant with the international food safety standards of today's food supply chain.

Technical stores and consumables

We deliver a full range of cabin, deck, engine, safety stores and consumables, in line with well-known industry standards such as IMPA, ISSA and KLOSKA.

Marine lubricants & Fuel treatment solutions distributor

We are exclusive distributors in Spain & Gibraltar for several well-known marine lubricants and fuel treatment brands for the marine sector, such as Vickers and Power Research Inc. (PRI).

Marine Spares Logistics

Our committed ship spares division puts a strategically located network of warehouses at your disposal in Spain, connecting your spares with the vessel in port through our integrated destination solution.

Bonded Stores supply

We offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, perfumes and soft drinks at duty free prices.

Export Segment

Using global Suppliers network we ship by sea and by air a wide range of commodities to areas such as Middle East, South America and Africa.

Our Services

Whether it is down to delivering technical stores in Gibraltar through our Algeciras Logistic Hub, supplying provisions by OPL in Las Palmas, bringing charts on board in Barcelona, storing and handling our customer’s spare parts in Valencia, or assisting our client through our unique international supply pipeline in developing global areas, at Albatros Shipping we truly understand the complete needs of the maritime industry.

Our sector knowledge, experience, commitment, and enthusiasm make us stand out in the ship supply sector and helps us to sustain trusted partnerships with our loyal customer base. This trust is strengthened by our ISO 9001, 14001 and 22000 certifications, which assure constant assessment and approval of our working methods and procedures. Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ requirements anytime, anywhere.

  • Trustable Service
  • Truly understandable the needs of the maritime industry
  • Satisfy Customers
  • Anytime, anywhere