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The Management of ALBATROS SHIPPING promotes and develops a Management System Food Quality and Safety, the principles of which are established in the Food Safety System Manual according to the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 22000:2018 standard, under the following scope:


ALBATROS SHIPPING has extensive experience, always offering a service personalized, quality and attention to our clients. For all this, it bases its commitment to food safety and quality in the products offered to through this policy, with the support of measurable objectives, based on the following principles:

  • The correct development of the implementation of the management system is everyone’s responsibility and has the support and commitment of management.
  • Base the policy on the purpose and context of the organization so that it is appropriate
  • Provide the necessary resources to our workers to guarantee continuous improvement, food security and food safety through training, material or human resources.
  • The policy is communicated to all interested parties
  • The policy is appropriate to the company’s activity, serves as a framework for defining objectives and is reviewed periodically in order to obtain continuous improvement in the company.
  • The organization complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as customer requirements and others to which the organization subscribes regarding quality and food safety.
  • Address the need to guarantee competencies related to food safety.


As a consequence of the implementation of the ISO 9001.2015, ISO 14001.2015 and ISO 22000.2018 regulations, we inform you that we will proceed to carry out the following communications with your company, when applicable:

  1. Initially, in order to be an approved supplier of ALBATROS SHIPPING, you will be informed of our requirements for your company in relation to the supply of products or services, in order to ensure that you are able to satisfy our needs and comply with our requirements in matters of food safety, quality and environmental behavior and with other applicable legal requirements.

These requirements will be in the case of companies that provide their transportation services as applicable:

  • Calibration of thermographs
  • Tachograph calibration
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle MOT
  • Certificate of conformity (ATP)

The requirements for supplying companies will be, as applicable:

  • Health registry registration
  • HACCP system
  • Traceability system
  • Food safety certificates (IFS, ISO 22000, BRC…)
  • Supplier control

Technical products as applicable:

  • CE marking
  • Calibration certificates

Service companies:

  • Authorizations for the activity carried out
  • Evidence of the correct management of the waste generated
  • Qualification of personnel to carry out their tasks
  1. The activity carried out by your company may be affected by our management system, as well as our management system may be affected by your activity, which is why we send you our food safety, quality and environmental policy so that be respected at all times.
  2. The products and services supplied will be reviewed by our operators after receipt, so that they comply with the specifications made in the order.
  3. As an approved supplier, you must be aware that you will be subject to continuous monitoring, and that any incident in the provision of your services may negatively impact your re-evaluation as an approved supplier of our organization.
    Thank you very much for your help.

Date: 01/01/2022